China – More stuff

This is a test of my tech capabilities really, however I’ll give you a quick idea of our itinerary so at least there is something interesting to read, that’s if this email going Email to– WordPress to- Facebook post actually works.

The Itinerary;

Day 1 Fly from Sydney to Shanghai then out to Suzhou

Day 2 Suzhou to Hangzhou

Day 3 Hangzhou to Shanghai

Day 4 Shanghai

Day 5 Shanghai to Zhengshou (Bullet Train)

Day 6 Zhengshou

Day 7 Zhenshhou to Xian (Terracotta Warriors) (Bullet Train)

Day 8 Xian to Beijing (Bullet Train)

Day 9 Beijing ( Tianamen Square, Forbidden City etc tc)

Day 10 Great Wall of China

Day11 Beijing Zoo and late pm plane from Beijing to Sydney




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