June 2019 – China Here we come!

A heads up for everyone, we’ll be travelling to China soon, and I’m not sure how I’ll work the Blog. Apparently Facebook and WordPress don’t work in China so I’m going to experiment with emailing my blog post to WordPress, which should then automatically post it to Facebook – if you are following WordPress or FB you’ll be able to see the blog, but we won’t be able to – because we’ll be in China.

I’ve been advised by G – she who must be obeyed – that I can’t make any disparaging remarks about China, the soldiers, Tiananmen Square, Communism etc etc, otherwise I could possibly find out what  the inside of a gaol looks like in the Peoples Republic of China. I wouldn’t do this sort of thing anyway, but I definitely won’t mainly to keep G happy, her punishment is far worse than anything a Chinese gaol could dish up!

I’ll update details close to the time we leave
再见      (Zàijiàn)

This means "Goodbye" in Chinese (I think)?

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