1 Week to Go

Well folks, 1 week to go before we leave for China. We’re still waiting for the passports and visa to come back from Sydney – not much panic, well maybe a little bit from certain travellers. This email is another small “communications” exercise, apparently we can’t use Gmail or Facebook in China unless I set up a VPN, whatever a bloody VPN is, so I’m trying via a Yahoo email address I’ve just set up, I’ll email a short story to WordPress, WordPress will publish and post in Facebook – this is the plan anyway.
I’m under instructions not to write or publish anything inflammatory about the PRC ( People’s Republic Of China) so I won’t, but that doesn’t mean that the travelling companions are exempt from commentary.
We’ve got some Chinese money sorted, some of my little currency conversion charts for everyone are ready to go, a Chinese basic word and phrase cheat sheet as well, bought some new bamboo grundies at Aldi today – if they don’t fit I can feed them to the pandas in Beijing. Cheers


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