Day 10 – Coagh to Galway via Sligo

Breakfast, clean up and we get ready to leave our beautiful residence of the last few days. Riverview Fishing Lodge is a spacious well equipped 3 bedroom cottage with fantastic views over the river. We check our hosts Boom trike out, 2 litre fuel injected Peugeot motor, all sparkly chrome, very comfortable to sit in, a funny gear change but apparently you get used to it.

The day is grey grey grey, drizzling rain, a quick fill up with fuel from old mate at the servo, personal service, Genelle has him organised, then drop a scarf at the B&B for Jane, just after Mark misses a bear change turning a sharp corner and nearly has a opportunity to collect part of his inheritance early. I did see a blue car coming at me with pace and I had no where to go except pray he found the gear and accelerated.

We drive west to the pottery place / village called Belleek, renowned for its pottery. I hear Genelle say”I could have spent a fortune in there” , when in fact she only spent a small fortune. Such restraint!

We drive on south down the Irish west coast, through beautiful Sligo and the mountains, the rain still just drizzling. We stop for lunch at the Yeats County Inn at Curry. The food is great. It the meals enormous, we leave bulging. Onwards to Galway and we get into the correct car park, Google Maps makes us walk a whole block to the Skeffington Arms Hotel, we do find a shorter way, we check in and then it’s shopping time for Genelle and Mark. Galway is the home of Cladgh rings, so him and Genelle check out Dillons, “the place ” for claddagh rings. I’m free to roam, and I roam back to the bar at the pub.

The Guinness is good and feel good as well after a few. Genelle and Mark find me and we have dinner T the bar, food is excellent.a short walk and then bed, ready for another day on the road.

Probably sounds like a boring day?




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