Day 9 – What do you do after a wedding in Ireland?

Well folks, what you do is listen to whoever is in charge, don’t complain, because whoever is in charge is going to be tired from having to organise everyone around them on the day of the wedding, bearing in mind that she has no official duties and aren’t a parent of the bride or groom,

Decision made – we’re breakfasted and off to Derry for the day. Lovely drive to the beautiful old walled city of Londonderry – but please call it Derry. Derry has along history that involves being a strategic port on the Foyle River which is linked to Lough Foyle on the north Ireland coast. A militarily strategic location, not just now but for hundred of years.

We arrive in Derry, and the traffic is very light, a car park is found right near the Guildhalla d we walk up to the old walled area and explore a full lap of the wall, reading of the siege of Derry by William of Orange. We then do a Hop on Hop off bus tour of Derry, the violent bistros is all so very recent, the Sunday Bloody Sunday slaughter of 28 unarmed peaceful protesters in 1972 in the Bog area made the world stand up and take notice and inspired the U2 song “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. A lunch at the Guildhall near the Foyle River, then we drop some of Tim’s ashes into the river.

Time for home via a stop at the Beaghmore Stone Circles, a series of large stones arranged in circles some 2500- 3000 years ago.

Back at Coagh we have visitors, Marie, Jane, Pauline, Phamy, Ken, Dale and Mudge so dinner is organised at Hanover House, our hosts restaurant. Food is great, in large quantities.

We retire to get ready to leave here tomorrow and head for Galway.

Happy birthday today for Alison and tomorrow for Simone

Ciao from Coagh in Northern Ireland for the last time




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