Day 37. Flying Home

It’s been a great trip!

Early start, up at 5:00am, The Navigator is huffing and puffing stuffing last bits in here and there, I assist with the zip,on the bag that is. She asks if she should pack some glass Chrissy decorations in her check in bag that’s already closed,” I can’t recall what I said, Your Honour”, but it comes back to haunt me later.

Qatar Airlines checkin was done by Sonya so all good, just need to checkin the bags, a few questions are asked by the checkin lady and The Navigator needs to lighten her carry on slightly, she does then immediately repacks what she removed.

Through the gates of no return, The Navigator gets picked up on some glass in her bag, ” the aforesaid Christmas decorations your honour” …. ” how does the defendent plea?” …..” guilty your honour?” ……”your options 1.  are remove it 2. Carry it 3. Leave it with me for my Christmas tree?” ……..” Ah, you can have it, Merry Christmas then “

Breakfast is light, as we wait for our gate. Finally it’s up, gate 573, surely they don’t have that many gates? Maybe they do, there are gazillions of Easyjet flights leaving here to all over Europe and North Africa, west Asia. It’s a long walk but there isn’t 573 gates, obviously, we board and our seats are 12ABC&D. It’s a good flight, the woman in front doesn’t tilt her seat the full way, so she’s in my good books. Her 9 or 10 year old son in the middle seat is a battle for her, he’s busting for a leak but must be a shy slasher, he goes, comes back, goes comes back, with a strained look, his Mum grabs his arm, not sure what she says but I’m guessing he finally gets the load lifted as he finally returns with a happy look on his face. I watch a few movies, read a little and listen to music.

Doha airport is a bit of a cluster f… again, we have to go through 2 more security checks, the first they redirect us about 5 minutes walk from where they had us lined up originally, then out into huge crowd where we struggle to find a seat, unless you want to go to a bar, which we don’t. Then another security check into the waiting lounge for our flight, no toilets, lots of people people including a lot of young misbehaving children, we cross our fingers none of them were sitting with or near us. We end up very lucky, the couple in front of us have a 2 year old girl who is delightful, cheery little thing who hardly whinges to whole long haul from Doha to Sydney.

I wonder how they’ll ( Doha Airport) cope when hundreds of thousands descend on Doha in November for the soccer world cup? They’ll need to pick their act up, the airport is beautiful but the processes and staff performance leave a lot to be desired, in my opinion.

The usual thing on long hauls, food is crap, your body clock is thrown right out, but Qatar’s food has been good before so maybe it’s just me. Finally we arrive in Sydney, on time, through immigration, then customs after we declare chocolates as “dairy” and tea as “plant material” , we’re waved through. The 5 week trip is nearly done.

Rydges at the International terminal is a relief, big shower ( as in space with hood flow of water), a good wide bed, good food ( hotel expensive though) and a few beers before bed. Sleep happens then doesn’t happen, The Navigator chastised me for being restless, what do they say about people in glass houses? I say nothing though.

We’re ready in the morning, early, the checkin bags go through in the Transfer area at International, and we’re on the bus to Domestic in no time. A few of the Australia A Rugby team are transferring over to Domestic heading to Brisbane, they’ve just come back from a successful series against Japan in Japan. We see Vunivalu and some of the others, all enormous fit looking young men, I don’t see any of the old Country Eagles blokes from Elders days though, eg “Shed” Hanigan.

Breakfast is a relaxed affair we’re ahead of schedule for the 9:30 am flight home to Dubbo.

Finally we’re home, bags unpacked, Marks got the house and garden organised, good man! The Navigator is busy organising things.

Trip nearly done, a full sum up and some tips and recommendations will follow after I have a break for a few days.

CHEERS Pauolo.


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