Day 36. London –  another quiet day

Pauolo at The Rolling Stones shop in Carnaby Street  – my favourite album is Sticky Fingers – what’s yours?

Last day before the long trip home, shame we can’t keep travelling but I guess it’s got to end sometime. It rained last night but when we leave it’s just a light mist.

First stop off the Tube is Piccadilly Circus, the clouds are threatening but a very light drizzle comes and goes. The Circus us busy, the neon lights are bright in the dull day so we walk up, or should I say around the curved Regent Street ( expensive in Monopoly) to Hamleys toy store for the Murphy’s to see if  they can afford anything there. The Navigator and I explore  the shop then keep walking up to Carnaby Street, the old fashion street from the 70’s days of mini skirts, high boots, fluffy jackets, and it’s sort of like that still. The Navigator pulls off a minor win by finding some £3 earnings, on special, can’t be returned they say, she says “don’t care!”.

The Murphys’s catch us up and we explore Carnaby Street and its side streets, we find the Rollling Stones shop ( part of the Stones international business I guess) and buy some T shirts, Paul lashes out on a rare Stones vinyl in the shop, I reckon he should have asked for Mick, Ronnie and Keef to sign it but not that’sq happening. 

Lunch is at Shakespeare’s Head pub, something to do with Shakespeare I guess, some young Belgium soccer fans are sitting next to us downing Italian beer, not far away at another bar some young blokes are singing, loudly, what’s the story we ask. Well, West Ham United are playing Anderlect in the Europa Conference League game at London Stadium tonight. (spoiler alert – West Ham win 2-0), and the boys have crossed the channel to watch the game. Wonder why they don’t drink Begium beer, it’s better than Italian beer?

A grey Regent Street

After a short walk we decide enough is enough and get the Tube back to Earl’s Court to rest a bit before our lift to Gatwick arrives at 4:30pm. The black Merc van arrives in time and an hour and a half later we’re at the Premier Inn at Gatwick. Sonya has our seats and boarding passes sorted (not sure when she finds the time?) so we’re good to go for a 6am start for a 9am flight in the morning.

This will the last blog for a few days till I get home on Sundsy morning and get over jet-lag( if I get it?)

It’s been a great trip, well organised and planned, great company for celebrating Sonya’s birthday in Italy with long time friends and someone haven’t seen for a while, and then travelling on with the Murphy’s.

Cheers from Gatwick UK – Pauolo

Piccadilly Circus

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