Day 29. Llangloffan to Barmouth, Wales

Badmouth Harbour

Another beautiful breakfast at Hen Ffermedy, Rex that great porridge and really good bacon & eggs. Compliments to our hosts Adrian and Sue of Hen Ffermdy B&B. A 5/5 from us and if you’re ever in this area then this is a great place to stay. Contact details are below;

Adrian & Sue, email, phone Adrian 07545 083496 or Sue 07967 818824 or instagram @escapetopembrokshire.

Compliments of the Prince of Pemrokeshire I have been proclaimed King Paul I of Dubbo, the Queen Consort shall be known from now on as the Regent of Retail and/or the Countess of Conversation.


We finally leave the house and get the car loaded, Adrian is a chatty chap.Our co guests last night are an English couple who had a tyre blowout in their Porsche and the German beast ended up in a paddock minus a wheel, they needed a bed while the tyre was repaired. The plan for the day is to travel inland and end up on the coast, maybe, somewhere about Aberwystith or a bit higher. We drive into the typical Welsh countryside, except for the narrow roads and lanes it reasonably easy driving, today I’m in the navigation seat. Villages everywhere, first stop is at Cenarth, and we see three guys fishing in the River Teif  that’s running really well, it’s salmon fishing we discover and while we are there they hook a huge salmon. Then they release it, thats the law here, fish number s are low so its all catch and release.

Fishing at Cenarth

Up country now, we pass through Newcastle Emly and stop in the village of  Lampeter for lunch. Its not a particlarly pretty place and the first cafe looks dodgy so we settle for a cafe called Grannys House where we get a decent lunch.

The mountains are getting bigger as we get closer to Snowdonia National Park. The roads get narrow as well as we head to Devils Bridge at a place called Pontafynarch. Its 2 quid to walk down the steep steps to see a waterfall going under a bridge, this isn’t conducive to titanium knees to I make it clear I’m not walking down and the others do the same. Still, its a pretty spot.

Devils Bridge Falls

In Aberwystyth, a larger town we pull up and gather ourselves and work out where we’ll go for the night, the decision is Barmouth, a place on the beach. The landscape gets wilder and rockier with bracken fern and rock cliffs as we loop around an estuary to get to Barmouth. We’re booked into the Sunray Guest House, right on the water but small rooms and pretty tired, maybe we could have done better  but I guess that would have come with a price.

The wind is blowing hard, the water is choppy, the boats in the protected harbour are bobbing up and down, the sea mist blows in and away as the sun sets over the Atlantic.

The Barmouth Bar & Grill for dinner, around in the Barmouth main drag, narrow streets, grey stone buildings, the sky is grey and mist is still blowing in, the puffer coats are needed. A few drinks and a good pub feed are what we need after a day on the road. Driving every day for a long time has given me a bit of a headache today, but a few glasses of grog cures that.

Weather tomorrow as we head north towards Liverpool and Manchester, rain, cold, windy then the same things in different order or together. Call me Nostradamus if you like, maybe it’s the divine powers that come with royal blood? Dunno, could be true?

Important – before we leave tomorrow we need to decide where we are going and stick to it, get some accomodation sorted so we’re not sitting in a car deliberating,

Cheers from Barmouth in Wales – Pauolo

The Pembrokeshire Wave
Welsh Countryside today

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