Day 28. Llangloffan, Wales

Firstly this morning is a great breakfast, porridge soaked overnight, fresh fruit, coffee and tea, smoked bacon (very very tasty bacon), and really fresh eggs. Once again we waste a lot of Sue and Adrian’s time chatting, about all sorts of stuff, again.

The garden at Hen Ffermedy

Outside the dining room window, a mass of birds are flitting in and out of the garden, wrens, blue tits (Adrian reliably tells me thats what they are), wagtails (similar but not like our willy wagtails and other birds. It hasn’t started raining yet but it soon does and the birds disappear to shelter. They are also encouraging barn owls by building shelters around their 5 acres, they are planting plants that birds use for food and lots of other interesting things.

We walk around their yard, a work in progress, their pond which is used for heating the house (don’t ask me hw that works but its innovative and seems to work). Where we are staying is lovely, modern, homely, clean and spacious and there are so many other buildings that have potential for them to develop into B&B accomodation, it would be interesting to see it in a fw years time after the “works in progress” are completed.

I write up yesterdays blog in the dining room while The Navigator and Liz get washing and chatting done, its not all hard work but I can’t say that can I? The Navigator likes their front door and a drying rack they have in their kitchen on a pulley, I see her brain ticking over.

The morning is shot, its been relaxing but we need a late lunch and at Adrians suggestion we head to Newport Links Golf Club via Fishguard and Dinas Cross, such a pretty drive through these quaint villages on skinny hair raising roads with a howling wind blowing off the Atlantic. The golf club has Cat Rock Cafe which looks over Cardigan Bay and Preseli Hills, the Newport Beach Life savers is below the golf course right on the beach, the wind is blowing so hard that if you lost your hat at the beach it would blow the 600 metres up the hill to the golf club. We watch golfers struggling with the howling wind and the rain showers, the course looks beautiful but also hard to play. Oh, the food is good, despite the fact that The Navigator beats me up for forgetting what drink I ordered, of course she remembers all the detail and reminds me that she was right and I was wrong, I don’t say that sometimes even when I’m right – I’m wrong, but courage deserts me at the critical moment, 44 years of living with her has taught me a few things.

The golf course

We drive back the coast, down to Fishguard Harbour, where the ferries come in from Rossclare in Ireland, then to Abercastle, Trefin and fianlly back to Portgain where we ate dinner last night. It is such a beautiful part of the world, although the spooky narrow roads freak me out a bit when you encounter tractors and cars on what looks to be single vehicle width laneways, but, there is no horn tooting, other people or you back up if needed, everyone seems patient and it works. Back home we’d have horns tooting, with tyre levers at the ready to beat the crap out of some brainless knob for holding up the f…g traffic. Here, the Pembrokeshire wave, the index finger, one finger only, pointed as low as possible above the horizontal, given with a dour, cranky farmer look on your face – so I’m told.

Its close to dark when we return to Hen Ffermedy B&B, we don’t need dinner, lunch was plenty for both meals so a pot of tea and some biscuits is enough. We read until 8 or 9pm and when everyone starts nodding its a signal to head to bed.

The plan for tomorrow is to head to Aberwystyth (pronounce that after a few drinks) – the correct pronuncication by the Welsh is I think aber – wyths -tyth.

Ciao, sayonara, dal chi nes ymlaen ( catch you later in Welsh) – Pauolo


3 thoughts on “Day 28. Llangloffan, Wales

  1. Paul it has been an absolute pleasure to have your merry band with us. We look forward to visiting for the coronation of King Paul 1 of Dubbo. May the road rise up to meet you, Genelle, Liz and Paul on your way home. Thanks so much to you all for brightening up this part of the world. Safe journey and I hope you guys continue to take the road less travelled.


  2. Alison says:

    We’ll this sounds and looks absolutely magical and so nice to be able to get some tips from locals. I bet there’s some reccying going on for the next trip.


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