Day 9. – Last day in Sorrento Pt 1

Today is a quiet day, at least it is until the end of the day when the touring party cut loose a bit, ok maybe a lot is a better way to describe it. Me, well I documented it, no dancin for this bloke!

Its late and the few lemincellos have dulled my head so im going to sum it up and then give you the detail in Part 2 tomorrow while we’re on the train to Rome.

Summary of the day is as follows. We have a quiet morning, at least the men do, the women go shopping, The Navigator is in good company, this lot look like seasoned retail operators.

Il Banditore and I work out how to get live tv from Australia via Channel 9 and using a VPN to trick the computer into thinking youre in Autsralia, why do we do this you might ask. Well Parramatta are playing Canberra in the NRL finals. The result is a walk over to the Eels. More on that tomorrow. Regazzo, the accountant, joins us and brings pizza which we later find out was meant to be for him and his wife, but never mind I was hungry and dont feel guilty at all

Lunch is sorted with the pizza and I go for a walk up around Sant Agnello, not hugely exciting, then a few beers and then dinner at a place just near the CBD of Sorrento.

Dinner is a lot of fun, another victim presents themselves for a full character assassination, I’ll do that tomorrow whe I have time and more evidence of the crimes commited.

Ciao until tomorow. Pauolo


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