Day 8. Sorrento – catch up and quiet day.

Today I’m walking back to Sorrento to a Sophia Loren exhibition at a gallery which also had some other art work.

Then at 12:45 the Wallabies are playing New Zealand in rugby so I want watch that as its on the Sky sport channel at the villa.

So the walk to Sorrento with Il Banditore and Regazzo is brisk, the lead changes a few times and Regazzo stays back in the pack and is a tad red faced and sweating when get into Sorrento. So am I but Il Banditore and I won’t admit it.

After walking past the gallery entrance ( my fault) we backtrack and pay the €15 entrance for the impressionist exhibition from private galleries as well as the photographic exhibition of mainly Sophia Loren. There is also a room with 100+ year old gramophones and earlier music machines including an exquisite one with a few ballerinas dancing. The impressionist paintings are a mixed bunch, the include Degas, Manet, Monet, Renoir, La Trec and others.

The photographic exhibition is excellent, Sophia is a real poster girl, stunningly beautiful, her eyes could persuade you to do anything. Lucky Carlo Ponte.

A brisk walk back in time for the 12:45 rugby kick off. A crowd gathers upstairs at the TV to watch the Wallabies v All Blacks from Melbourne, the Wallabies do remarkably well and are leading by 3 with 40 seconds to go but the French referee overturns a penalty to Australia, ridicous reason, NZ score a try and game is over.

Rain starts, sort of and it looks like an afternoon chillin at the villa is the go.

Dinner tonight is at the hotel next door at their restaurant overlooking the Bay of Naples. The food is terrific and once more The Navigator tidiesvher plate up pretty well.

There are no character assassinations tonight.

Ciao from Sorrento, 2nd last night here.



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