Day 15 – Berlin

The Long Night of the Museums

Sounds like a good name for a movie. It’s 1am in Berlin, the city is still humming, there’s a slight chill outside, just enough for a coat, and the 87 museums involved in the Long Night of the Museums ( or words to that effect) – 6pm to 2am for €18 are still flat out with big lines to get in.

It’s a short blog tonight as I can hardly focus my eyes let alone my brain, so I’ll do a more detailed blog tomorrow.

In summary today was this;

  • Genelle and Mark went to the markets in our area then to the palaces at Potsdam
  • I went wandering, the art gallery, near Nues and Pergamon was closed due to the air con breaking and they’d shut down, then I went to the Espionage Museum, met Genelle and Mark
  • We had dinner back at Hackescher Markt, they went to bed and I continued with museums until 1am

More details tomorrow when I can think straight

Ciao from Berlin



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