Day 12 – Dingle to Kilkenny

It’s 10.30pm, I’m just finishing a Jameson’s, neat – no ice no water, nuthin !

So today, unlike yesterday when it seems I backtracked and cover something twice, blame Guinness or Jameson’s, it wasn’t my fault! Sorry, there I go again, today was the topic, we started with the breakfast bit, the second B in B&B, it was delicious, large and washed down with really nice strong tea. I couldn’t finish mine the meal was that big.

Fuelled up we’re back down into Dingle shopping, some purchases made by Genelle and Mark, he has inherited some of his mother’s genes it seems.

On the road to Blarney, it’s a lovely drive, Tom tries his best to throw us out into the boondocks and backlanes but we’re better than him today.

Blarney for me is the pub to pass an hour or so, Genelle and Mark do the castle thing. None of that kissing the filthy rock thing for me. The Guinness at the pub was very tasty though.

We then make our way up the M8 with a €1.90 toll, towards Castel and the Rock of Castel, once the throne of the Munster kings of Ireland then a church. The place is being restored, it’s very old, but there is a lot of Ireland’s history around here.

We then take a quick trip to Coolmore Ireland and leave some of Tim’s ashes at their stud, we didn’t tell them as it’s probably not kosher to do that, the place was busy and there was lots of security about. Then it’s the back lanes to Kilkenny, Ireland nearly minus one truck that Mark nearly collected one one very tight corner.

Kilkenny arrives in time, it’s been a long day on the road. The Pembroke Kilkenny is pretty swish, and rigs in the centre of the town. We wander the streets, have dinner at a small pub called The Playwright, buskers beside us – a banjo, a violin, a double bass, and a guitar player, all singing. It’s pleasant sitting outside eating and listing to Irish folk music and hillbilly music combined.

Early to bed tonight, tomorrow is our last day in Ireland

Ciao from Kilkenny



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