Day 3 – Continued from where I nodded off……….

Where was I, it’s been a long day, having to come off the bench for non drinking travelling companions has taken its toll.

Ok where was I again…….

Yes, the hop on hop off bus. Before Jameson’s we stopped at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, where apparently, Saint Patrick used a nearby well to baptise converts to Christianity. The church was built about 1220. Ironically it’s not a Catholic Church, it’s Church of Ireland a member of the Anglican Communion – whatever that means? Lots of interesting relics, but enough of that, let’s move on the gods of alcohol.

Then on to Jameson’s, what a professional operation there, we walk in get a tour organised for about €13 each which includes tasting and a free drink each at the end, that means I have to do 3 times the drinking as Mark and Genelle don’t drink. The guide is very good, a passionate young guy and he takes us through the process of distilling Jameson’s, and the differences between Scotch whiskey, American whisky and Jameson’s Irish whiskey. We have a tasting of each ( me x 3) then the free drinks in the bar ( me x 3) while Genelle and Mark leave me to it, on my Pat Malone at Jameson’s, tough work! A couple from New York join me, wonder if I look like a waif or just a lonely old drunk – either way it was a nice yarn.

As I wander back into central Dublin, via the Liffey, over the bridge, can’t remember which one, I feel that my steps are a little lighter, must be the soft shoes, the vision is a little fuzzy, must need to clean my glasses, I find it’s easy to sidestep errant pedestrians, must have my old rugby mojo swerve back, or could just be a little pissy on too much Jameson’s. Dunno what really but I think I can guess the answer.

Earlier news flash – Jane and Ken and Pauline and Phamy have been delayed with Jane carted out of Dublin Airport in a ambulance, she wasn’t tracking too well at the airport and ends up in hospital. They are back at the hotel when I get back, Jane asleep, Phamy asleep. What a fun day for them!

Genelle, Mark and I head down the Temple Bar for dinner. The place is humming, music coming out of almost every building, Guinness flowing, people on the footpath chatting, buskers, a lively place and fun fun fun. We settle on The Old Mill Irish Restaurant and Bar, it’s upstairs, and we have a good feed and some drinks, not cheap but reasonable for the area. After dinner we stroll around and watch the crowds, before getting back to Blooms at about 10.30pm. The head hits the pillow, I try to finish the day’s blog but sleep gets the better of me.

Tomorrow morning Ian and Marie arrive into Dublin enroute to Belfast.

Ciao for the day



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