Day 3 – Dublin is a pretty fun place – Monday 13th August

After falling asleep a few times at the bar we thought it might be sensible to retire to bed. Good decision.

We were so bloody tired I couldn’t work out the shower controls, but managed a splash and dash before hitting the sack, shortly after sleep came and shortly after that the morning. We were ready to go early, not a concept that comes easily to me, but my travelling companions have it sorted and the sleep Nazi doesn’t let me sleep in.

First thing was breakfast at a little place, porridge, eggs and tea and coffee. The menu actually had “Flat White” but it was only a poor imitation of the average coffees in Australia. The scones looked good though.

We exited heading towards St Stephens Green, looking for a Lyca mobile SIM card. Apparently these are as common as the unicorn. I actually only found one late in the afternoon, about 50 meters from our hotel, this brought stern looks from the Sleep Nazi, who asked all sorts of questions that I hadn’t thought of asking the Chinese bloke who set the phones up. Anyway they work and we have Irish phone numbers, no, that’s not a joke.

We get on The green hop on hop off bus and do a full lap of Dublin, then back the St Patrick’s Cathedral, then Jameson’s Whiskey place. What a great place. We did a tour of their set up, then sampled some whiskeys, of course Genelle and Mark don’t drink

Part 2 in the morning. I’m too tired




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