Back in May- Harry and Meghan got married – WGAF!

So, today (19th May) is the big Royal wedding day, and I don’t really care enough to watch it, the Waratahs are playing the Hurricanes tonight and that’s way more important for me, even though Harry is a distant relative via the Bowes-Lyon connections.

The Waratahs win and so I actually do watch a bit of the wedding. I can’t explain why I did this as I’m a republican and have no interest in them ( the Royal family that is) really, or so I thought. He seems like a bit of a “lad” and she seems like a good bird so good luck to them, but I won’t be reading the gossip magazines and trash newspapers for gossip on them.

Anyway, enough of that, on to the important stuff. We’re off on another trip again, 5 weeks until we leave and frankly I can’t wait. Flying Qatar this time, Sydney to Doha, then Dublin. A few days at Blooms Hotel on the Temple Bar, drive to Belfast, a wedding just out of Belfast, then a lap around Ireland, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruge, Paris, London and home. We’re really looking forward to the wedding. About 47 Aussies on the loose in Northern Ireland for a week or so, watch out Ireland! The wedding MC job is sorted, sorta.

Alright, alright, back to the here and now. It’s Sunday 5th of August, a few days since my birthday and a week before we leave and we’ve been though a really cold spell of weather, spring is getting closer because I hear birds in the morning and the rain seems further away than ever. Harry and the Markle sheila’s wedding is old news now, the newspapers reporting the wedding have long since been taken from the bottom of the bird cages and mulched. Other news, the Waratahs didn’t make the Super Rugby grand final, the West’s Tigers are still a chance to make the NRL semi’s, the NRC (National Rugby Championship) starts a week after we get back in Mudgee.

Final planning for the trip is happening this week, the final pack of the bags and we’re outta here Saturday morning. There may be the odd blog post before we leave or on the trail to Ireland.

So are we excited, you bet, until the next post, ciao from Dubbo



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