Day 22 – Just one more day in Vienna – Sunday 22nd October 2017

In Vienna it’s Sunday, which is a day of rest, hardly anything except some food places, museums, churches and a few other bits and pieces are open. 
The hotel have organised a taxi to the airport for €40, ok value after we do a little check around on the net.

We’ve also organised a pickup at Rome airport tomorrow morning, €42 cost, and we’re leaving the hotel in Vienna at 4am for the Wien International Airport, The Super Shopper wants to be in Rome before the shops open. Go figure! In Rome we’re staying in the Campo De Fiori, right in the piazza, in a little boutique place called Mamas Kitchen. We liked the area when we ventured into it by accident on the last day of our trip last year, so we thought let’s give it a burl this year. 

So today, here’s the thing, Genelle went to Museum, the Wien Museum, I figure just to humour me, but non the less she walked in the door, then had a quick look and sat on a bench. It’s raining and cold outside. This Museum focus’s on the history of Vienna, and not a lot of time is needed, plus, there is no shortage of museums in Vienna, so I decide to move on to the DK – the Museum of Applied Art  ( the DAK) Genelle opts to go back to the area where there are people and leave me to the Museum. The DAK is fantastic and it has about 5 levels of stuff from cutting edge tech stuff like solar powered self composting toilets, the future of kitchen designing, recycling anything they can into stuff we use every day, fabrics, fashion items from about 2003-4 that models wore in a big Paris show – what may you ask would that be, well it was thin strips of material that wouldn’t cover much, vented bras made of leather, see through stuff that left nothing to the imagination, all very interesting. It took quite a while, a quick coffee and then back to all the people in Stephenplatz and a rest at the hotel.

Dinner is back at Renthalers again for Wiener snitzel for me and sausage and gravy for Genelle.

Bags packed and ready for Rome tomorrrow.

Ciao from Vienna


Reinthalers Beisl – a good spot for a meal

Stephenplatz from in front of our hotel

Inside the DK – Museum of

Solar powered self composting toilet at the DK

A chair that’s like a show at the DK

Horse and cart – Vienna style


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