Day 17 – Prague – Today Quietly exploring – Tuesday 17th October

A bit of a sleep in this morning. It feels like we’ve been travelling for months, no thoughts of work or other stresses from home, well not much anyway, the only thing I can say is that f….g tiler better get the bathrooms done before we get home or he’s gunna have to deal with you know who! Poor bugger has no idea what she’ll do to him mentally if it’s not done by the time we get home.

A healthy breakfast with some tasty pastries to balance the health bit out gets us going for the day. We explore the craft shops in our hotel area, marionettes, chrystal, glass, and walk along the river towards the next bridge over the Vlatava. There is a girl sitting on a bench under a tree reading, people sitting at cafes sipping coffees, dogs playing in the park, the sun is shining, kindergarten kids skipping along holding hands chattering away, life feels pretty good. We later see the same children clinging over 3 sculptures of giant babies crawling on the grass, in Australia this would be classed as inappropriate and no doubt some do gooding wowser self interest group would be calling for the beautiful sculptures in their parks, many of them nude, some a little, let’s say, risqué to be removed so we don’t corrupt the next generation. Maybe I’m ranting but it could happen.

As we cross the bridge to the main part of Prague, we see lots of little boats being paddled by mostly poor romantically incliddd young men trying to impress pretty girls, the water is sparkling in the morning sun but I bet the poor buggers are regretting their  galant gestures as the current looks to be running pretty strongly. Anyway, like a lot of young blokes  I guess they are thinking of other things.

Prague park today

Following a map from yesterday the first purchase of the day is made, a few pairs of socks for me, then some glass stuff, then lunch in a nice cafe. Genelle has a pea soup and I have marinated pork belly, delicious. Dessert is a potato dumpling with poppy seed, ok but not not the best food we’ve had. After a nice lunch disaster beckons, I discover I’ve lost my cap, I was sitting outside the glass shop resting and got the call “ check this out” I stood  up and I reckon it’s fallen off my knee. Anyway, it’s gone, it’s just a cap, so get over it Paul.

Sculpture in a Prague park

Sculptures in Prague park

Children climbing over baby sculptures, via the rear

Sign on a Prague Street “ Attention – Shopping is banned today”

We wander the streets to Wenscelas Square ( Santa Claus), it’s packed, then down the shopping strip towards the main square wher lots of old men sit under trees in the middle of the street, obviously homeless, some begging, and the area generally smelling of stale piss, with Fendi, Gucci and big name shops either side, is there some sort of contradiction here I don’t see?

Lunch time beers – Prague

As we trudge slowly through the crowd we run into Tony and Deb, the people from Adelaide we met on the Sachsenhausen trip out of Berlin, they arrived in Prague last night. We have a yarn and decide it’s time for a rest and a cool drink at a riverside cafe. It feels like every afternoon is Friday arvo! We then decide to have dinner with them up in the area close to where we are both staying. It’s nice to meet new people while you are travelling, some Australians and also the people who live elsewhere, that’s part of the appeal of exploring new places.

Another long day walking, so it’s finally time to call it a day at 9pm.

Ahoj. ( Good bye)



3 thoughts on “Day 17 – Prague – Today Quietly exploring – Tuesday 17th October

    • Greg, sound advice. The cap was one I bought in Paris in 2011, made in Germany for C&A, a best and Less type store through Europe and only cost €12. So, I’ll start hunting today for a replacement, “ something jaunty and European”. Cheers


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