Blog 4 – Un giorno per andare

One day to go, there’s a bit to do at work, then there are the really important things to do like get a haircut, repack the bag and try and lighten the weight off a bit, and almost the last thing, a few beers on Friday night.

You might ask me, but I wouldn’t if I was you, why the haircut is important when I’m 62, not much hair and what I’ve got is grey or skin colour. Well, I take pride in my appearance, and even if I don’t tint my eyebrows like some of the other travelers, I do like the collar to match the cuffs. Even the hair that sprouts out my nose and ears in greater propensity than the top of my head is grey. Enough about haircuts, Il Commando and I keep the haircut bit pretty simple.

Speaking about Il Commando ( he who cannot be named or photographed on social media – HWCBNOPOSM for short), while having a coffee this morning he did mention something about lightening off his bag weight and thought he might leave the underpants at home and “freeball” – at least I think that’s what he said, Dave and I did express the view pretty firmly that he should “keep the jocks and throw the socks”  instead. If we notice him walking a little more oddly than normal up the cobblestones of our Tuscan hill town I fear Dave, Andrew and I will have to have a fireside chat with Il Commando over a few grappa’s in a seedy Italian bar and explain that the family jewels jiggling around in your bermuda shorts isn’t kosher in Italy.

Friday night beers is at the Church Street cafe this week, a little al fresco drinking before heading home for the final detailed sorting and the early start on Saturday morning

La sua vicina sanguinosa ora, non può aspettare finché non arriviamo il viaggio in corso.

Ciao for now


Bermuda Shorts V1


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