Tre giorni per andare = Three Days to Go

Well readers, Tre giorni per andare, or “Three days to Go”, its so close to getting on the plane and heading out on the adventure, I almost wetting myself thinking about it –  I hope the other traveler’s are as excited as I am – then again maybe not! Trickling straw coloured fluid at an aircraft waiting gate probably is a bit of a turn off for a lot of people.

A short comment on my blog style,it’s not really that entertaining in my opinion, its mainly inane sarcasm, untruths, slanderous remarks and drivel all written with no sense of responsibility by the writer. I do expect people to write comments and not to be too complimentary, especially the people I might  comment on – if they can identify who I’m writing about, they do have the right of reply.

I think the excitement comes about due to a number of things;

  • The fruition of all the planning, seeing the it on the page and know that the day is nearly here when it all starts to happen
  • Sharing part of the travel with friends or family is pretty special. We did that last year and it did feel good
  • Going somewhere “old” that you know, and somewhere new that’s an adventure  and creates a little nervousness about the unknown

Genelle has had a trial pack, 10.5 kg, I’ve had a trial pack, 13kg, simply not good enough on my part, so tonight I’m revisiting the bag and removing a few things that are probably not required, I do happen to think her main reason for packing light is so she can fit more shopping in for the trip home. As I’ve commented on in previous blogs, she’s a world class shopper, as a matter of fact if shopping was an Olympic sport she would be  a medal contender every time. To be fair, and sometimes I’m not, she does spend a lot of time looking and not buying, but when she buys, its usually a good deal and she buys in bulk. 1 time in Bangkok she bought 7 pairs of shoes in one sitting, the poor sales girl’s head was spinning, she’d been negotiated down so hard that I think Genelle might have even felt a little guilty.

All social events are done, except for Friday night drinks, which is the last one for a while. Medications are mostly procured, money secured, passports checked, tickets sorted, haircuts booked or had, eyebrows tinted, bills paid and all thats left is to wake up on time Saturday morning to catch the plane.

Next blog will be from somewhere on the road, or in the sky.

Ciao from Dubbo





6 thoughts on “Tre giorni per andare = Three Days to Go

      • Alison Dawes says:

        I’ve got to keep up on the glamour stakes Paulo. Definitely won’t keep up on the shopping stakes. I’ll be watching your blog closely…


      • Watching you behaviour is the key to staying out of the blog Al. The comments will only include me if it’s complimenting my tastes, good behaviour etc etc. the other 7 travellers are open slather. You can watch and comment though.


  1. Rob says:

    Have fun ✈️ 🇮🇹 am jealous… we are celebrating Chris’s 60th on Sat night with the kids @ Werai…. looking forward to following your trip 👍


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