Day 33. Wales – Llangollen, Chester & Trevor

Canal Boats at Trevor

Today its a slow start, a bit of a plan but we’re keeping it pretty fluid. We bought a few supplies at a SPAR store in Llangollen so we have muesli and toast and a cup of tea in the apartment for breakfast.

Todays Travels

The car is still where we parked it so its either fairly crime free or the car is hard to steal. Off we go to the “Red Dragons” aka Chester Association Football Club for Liz to buy some merchandise. Its a busy shop for a low level professional club but the staff are friendly and helpfull. We can’t get to see inside the stadium which is a shame but hey if I’m a Wests Tigers supporter I could be a “Red Dragons” supporter, maybe?

Next we drive into Europcar in Chester to check where it is and about transport to the Chester train station in the morning, that gets sorted but more importantly they don’t have a toilet ( I’m bursting ) well I guess they do have a toilet but they don’t let customers use it. Next stop is Chester Train station to check our tickets for London tomorrow, for me I go straight to the loo and The Navigator sorts out the logistics. By the way we cross from Wales into England, Chester is just in England.

On the way into Chester I noticed the sign Pulford, I Google mapped it and its Pulford in Cheshire, and its just out of Chester on a back road to Wrexham. Why, you may ask would I be interested in Chesire? Well, Its where my Great Great Great Grandfather was the Rector of St Mary’s for over 50 years from 1781 and where he was buried. He was educated at Brazenose College, Oxford, his brothers were in military, one a captain in the 17th Lancers and the second in the navy. His son James George Lyon is my two times Great Grandfather and was the first of the Lyon family to come to Australia. He arrived in Australia on the “Camden” in June 1836 and initially lived on the Allyn River in the Hunter Valley. Ironically they were near Eccleston and Gresford in Australia and Pulford is very near Eccleston and Gresford on the border of Wales and England. St Mary’s church is a lovely church and Pulford is a lovely village, the houses are big and it looks affluent. Inside the church is plain but elegant and the church is surrounded for headstones some very old and some recent. We can’t find one for James Radcliffe Lyon but its nice to have visited where he worked for 50 years. I also notice that there is an Alyn River here, right near Gresford, that couldn’t a coincidence could it?

Pulford, Gresford, Eccleston and the Alyn River – on the England Wales Border

Next stop is Trevor. Who the f… names a town Trevor? The reason we go there is that the Potcysyllte Aquaduct is there, the canal system goes high over the River Dee linking up with other canal systems. We luckily find that a 10 quid canal boat ride over the aquaduct is leaving soon, so we do it, well worth the money, a great thing to do. One canal comes back to just above where our apartment is in Lllangollen. A short walk to the aquaduct is worth the effort as well, but if you struggle with heights take it easy,its very high up and very windy a lot of the time.

A short rest back in Lllangollen, a bit of a walk around the shops and then dinner is booked for 6:30 at The Corn Mill, a hotel/ restaurant on the River Dee. A great place, good food and views over the river with the roar of the stream coming through the windows.

Tomorrow we head to Chester, drop of the car and catch a train to London for a few days before we head to Gatwick Airport and our flight home on the week-end.

Cheers from Wales for the last time this trip. Pauolo


One thought on “Day 33. Wales – Llangollen, Chester & Trevor

  1. Alison says:

    Sounds like Wales hasn’t disappointed. Looking forward to hearing more when you’re back! Happy travelling for the tail end of your trip


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