Day 11. Roma Walking Tour

The early risers are up sipping tea, and toasting toast so I have to get up. First job was to finish the previous days blog and tidy up Day 9 Part 2 photos. The wifi here is a bit slow at night, maybe its when the schoool kids are home, not sure so things on the tablet take longer to load up than they should

Oh, and today is Sunday, its supposed to be a day of rest, so why are all these people out walking?

First stop is Campo de Fiori. I love this place, its full of life, the name means something like “field of flowers”, a hangover from what it was in the middle ages, a paddock with flowers. Its lively, there are fresh flowers sold in the morning, fruit, herbs and vegetables as well as clothing and other stuff. Its on the edge of the Jewish Quarter and not far from the funky Trastavere area. There is one store I’m looking for, it’s a cap and hat stall that I’ve bought a number of caps from over the years. I hoping that I can replace the cap that I lost in Bangkok a bit over a month ago when a gust of wind took it off my head while I was riding in a tuk tuk in heavy traffic. The linen cap I’m after isn’t there so I settle on a lighter coloured cotton cap. I still have one navy bue linen one from the second last time I procured caps from this stall. He’s there, Covid didn’t get him, and I buy a light coloured cap. The Navigator buys clothes and a scarf, IDT (aka the Theatre Nurse) gets mentored through the purchasing process and negotiation with Italian stall keepers, she’s a shopper for all seasons, if she was a footballer they”d call her a “utility” player. The Theater Nurse successful buys stuff at a reduced price.

Next stop is the Pantheon, the crowds are bustling, its coolish in the alley ways as we walk. Unfortunatley the Pantheon is closed and one thing we didn’t know is that its only open on week-ends by booking and there is a sign saying all slots for today are done. Hot tip, if you’re here on week-days its open and free for anyone 9:30am to 6:45am but week-ends check the website and book in, its closed for a church service on Sunday mornings.

Next is Trevi Fontana (The Trevi Fountain), its crowded but Genelle and Liz get space to do the obligatory coin toss.

The walk to The Spanish Steps (Spagna) is via a cafe we visited 10 days ago, a coffee and tea for caffeine to stimulate the mind to push through the pain of sore feet and backs. The Spanish Steps is crawling with people, I’m not sure I’ll be walking up this way again.

We head to the Tiber River, cross to the Pratti side, walk past the Italian High Court building, following the river heading towards Castel Sant Angelo (Castle of the Angels) and Pont Sant Angelo (Bridge of the Angels). St Peters Square is busy and quite warm and I decide to rest my feet while the others walk up towards St Peters. Scintillante (aka the Electrician ) is afraid that the building won’t cope if he walks inside, so keeps his distance. I’m trying to think of what you call a Lapsed Irish Catholic Agnostic.

It’s a slow walk back to our residential area for a late lunch at a nearby restaurant. Its around the corner, its a busy place, locals and tourists, its after 3 and we get drinks, 2 pizzas and a caprese salad. The food is simple but beautiful, sounds Italian to to me.

The women head to find a taxi to take them to a view over Rome, the Electrician and I head back to the apartment for a rest.

Genelle & Liz in Piazza Navona

Tonight we’re having a quiet dinner and packing for the early start to Termini Train Station to get to Cortona. A car is organised to pick us up at 6:15am, train leaves at 7am and we should be in Cortona about 9:30am

Ciao from Rome – Paulo


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