Day 6. Sorrento, Italy

I think today will be a shopping day. The Navigator got some news this morning about changes at her work, interesting times for her, but pretty hard when we’re overseas.

We started the days missing the English family,  they were woken early by a renegade whipper snipperer, at 4am, but a few others including were woken as well. The rule of “quiet enjoyment” doesn’t seem to apply here.

The usual brekky, then off to Sorrento to shop. The Navigator, being a world class shopper is happy about going shopping and soon scores a pair of shorts, some ear rings, some nick narky presents and is also sizing up some other potential purchases for later on.

Lunch is at the Foreigners Club, it has a sensational view over the Bay of Naples. Eight of us have a very nice lunch and discuss plans for dinner tonight. It’s the men’s turn to cook, so let’s see how this ends up.

Dinner is prepared by The Men’s Kitchen, sort of a version of the men’s shed except its a bunch of ( lets say) later middle aged chaps cooking instead of wood turning or what ever they do.
The background : at lunch, for those that turned up, a decision was made for the men to cook a scratch up pasta dinner, chairperson of the board – Sonya (aka L’agente) oversaw the team selection, and signed off on the finance – The Team is Peter (aka Ciclista Dismountus), the sauce of divorce, Rob ( The Architect) in charge of quality control, John ( Il Banditore) pasta masta, Paulo who has no cooking skills except as a shit kicking notetaker takes on finance and logistics.

Il Maestro was not present at lunch, no  note from his mother, we assume for reasons yet to be advised. Needless to say the kitchen was quiet, and worked efficiently without him,  however we do thank him for his contribution by not being there. There is no option of a reply by Il Maestro..

I read a poem, written at a bar in Chiang Khong, northern Thailand overlooking the Mekong River as I was contempting a little Buddhist service for putting some of Tim’s ashes in the Mekong that day.

Dinner is a success, the pasta and sauce plus the salad is great, capped off by icecream cake.

Early to bed tonight, tomorrow we have a boat ( just us) and we’re visiting the Amalfi coast, shopping and lunch in Positano, may a swim in the Mediteranean later.

Ciao from Pauolo in Sorrento


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