Day – Minus 5 – Italy & Other Places

We leave for Italy on Wednesday via Doha flying Qatar. We’ll be meeting the rest of the touring party in Sorrento in the south of Italy and some in Cortona in Tuscany a little later.

The touring party consists of;

Me – aka Pauolo – aka Reidy aka The Shit Kicking Notetaker aka Il Merda che Prende Appunti, let’s leave it as Pauolo. The steady humble one with royal DNA.

Genelle R. – married to the long suffering Pauolo aka The Navigator aka -Il Navigatore. Lets just leave it as The Navigator. A world class shopper who thinks she knows her way to places, but on most occasions that’s debatable and more often just wrong.

John P – aka The Auctioneer aka Il Banditore ( appropriate?) You be the judge.

Sonya H – aka The Agent aka L’agente. An agent of real estate, travel and for all we know a secret agent.

Andrew W. – aka The Cranbrook Boy aka Il Ragazzo di Cranbrook ( as opposed to a Cranbrook Girl). Ragazzo has a ring to it.

Jane W. – aka The Palliative Care Nurse aka L’infermiera Della Quasi Morte. Let’s just call her Morte L’infermiera or better still Della

Allister R. – aka The MC aka Il Maestro delle Cerimonie let’s just say Il Maestro

Jacquie R. – aka Boss of the Master aka Capo del Maestro

Peter E. – aka Motor Cycle Man aka Ciclista. He has been known to dismount motor cycles while still operating them so Ciclista Dismountus is appropriate, I’d hope he doesn’t punch me in the head when we catch up Sorrento.

Wendy E. – aka The Professor aka Il Professore. Don’t f… with Il Professore, she’s scarier than The Navigator and can knock vodka back like Boris Yeltsin on a big day.

Joining us a bit later;

Paul M. – aka The Sparky aka Lo Scintillante, let’s do the Aussie thing and shorten it to Scintillante

Liz M. – The Theatre Nurse aka Infermiera di Teatro. Let’s just say IDT it’s shorter and I won’t have to type as much. A lover of Irish whisky, and can handle the sight of real blood and guts. Might be handy if I The Meastro cross Il Professore or The Navigator with smart arse comments or words to that effect of a verbal or written nature.

Helen – Aka 1955 ( A great year) aka Diciannove e Cinquantacinque I like ’55 so let’s say Cinquantacinque for short.

Rob – aka The Architect aka L’architetto. I think The Architect is ok.

So that’s it for the touring group. Rule 13 does not apply for my blog, nor does Rule 14 which says that Bloggers have to tell the truth. Rule 15 says bloggers can swear but I promise I’ll take it easy on the four letteries.

Ciao from Dubbo on Day -5 Italy – Paulo


3 thoughts on “Day – Minus 5 – Italy & Other Places

  1. ruthlmckenziehotmailcom says:

    Hi Paulo, I hadn’t realised you were off again so soon. Buono viaggio. I hope that means what I think and is Italian! You had better go a bit easy on your fellow travellers or you might be left for greying and decaying! Have a great time. Cheers Ruth

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