Day 24. Phuket Town Markets

The usual start to a Phuket day, the usual breakfast not at the usual table today, as creatures of habit we were shocked that our normal table had been taken, but we have to adapt to our environment and accept we should have been there 10 minutes earlier.

Phuket Town Markets

TMM (remember him ?) drops some laundry in, cost is 50 baht ($2) a kg to wash only, pick up tomorrow, he then retires to the pool and doesn’t move from there. I say its a smart move, its sweltering, again, blue sky and the sun is burning so staying in the shade is important.

I finish reading “The Nowhere Girl” by Christian White for Book Club. Never heard of him before and its his first book. It’s a cracking read, I think its a well crafted story, a murder/kidnap mystery set between Australia and mid America, lots of tension, suspense and for me horror (the f….ng snakes in it freaked me out). I’d rate it a 4/5. Its so warm I have to have a swim and cool down. There’s no great incentive to leave the pool until we have to, which is at 4pm to go to the Phuket Town Sunday Night Markets, Oz is taking us.

I take a break from the pool and walk 70 metres to the beach which is busy and theres a nice breeze blowing off the ocean and standing in the shade is pleasant but I move on the a sidewalk cafe after changing a bit of money and have beautiful iced cappuchino (90 baht – $3.80)

Oz is right on time, we drive over Kathu hill towards Phuket Town which is about 25 km away, we toot at the Buddha (its daylight this time). The history of Phuket was really based around tin mining in the area near Kathu and Phuket Town was originally settled by Siamese, Chinese, Indians, Malays and Sea Gypsies. Europeans came in the 1600’s and Phuket Town grew into a fusion of Chinese Portugese architecture. The bit they didn’t knock down has some beautiful old building. One building where we have something to eat is Baan 125, its stunning inside, there are 3 levels, bottom floor a long shop and the 2nd and 3rd levels are a 4 bedroom hotel.

Oz shows us his apartment at Kathu first, its a newish 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 story apartment owned by his sons. They are trying to sell it – $120,000 will buy it. If sold Oz will rent over at Patong where his work is.

The markets are very nice, there is music, food, lots of original jewellery, clothes and surprise surprise carved soap. We explore, eat, TMM buys stuff, I only buy food BUT at least I bought something. It was pointed out to to me that I need to mention this. The crowd grows the longer we’re there, by the time we leave its a huge crushing crowd, Thai’s, lots of white people and masses of Indians and Middle Eastern people. I’m glad we’re done at 7.30 with the crowd still streaming in, Oz finds us and we’re home in Patong 1/2 and hour later.

Tomorrow has only one thing planned – I’m getting my teeth cleaned at a dental surgery who specialise in looking after tourist teeth – a full on dental/orthodontic clinic and cheap cheap cheap.

Ciao – Pauolo

Dale trying to drive the carved soap market lower

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