Day 21 – Phuket – Kata Beach and coffee

Today we are supposed to head to Kata Beach for a coffee at Maybelle’s Coffee Lounge. Oz is taking us at 11am. But, theres a problem TMM has a belly bug, I think, and can’t leave the room, he’s flat and flattened and sleeps most of the day so nothing is happening today.

South end of Patong Beach

I have a breakfast, go for a nice long walk on the beach, a walk up to where Cheryl and Graeme have booked at Christmas – Patong Bay Hill Resort. The place they’ve choses looks great but its a good 30 minutes walk to the Banthai and Bangla Road where all the action is, so transport downtown is critical, getting home woud be a 50-100 baht tuk tuk ride – depending on how hard they negotiate. By the time I get back to the main area I’m soaked in sweat.

What do you do when theres nothing to do, retire to the pool and do nothing. A swim and drop the core body temp,its steamy and over cast again. I start the Book Club Book “The Nowhere Child” and get 20% of it read before lunch, its got me hooked.

Lunch at Sweat, a massage next door, a walk on the beach then just sit and watch the activity. Patong beach is abusy place.

TMM still hasn’t ventured out, every time I call in he’s asleep snoring, or awak for minite then snoring. He doesn’t seem to take anything to alleviate whatever is causing the issues but its knocked him. He’s not inetresed in seeing a Dr either.

Dinner for him is fresh air and I wander down to a local street food area and have a beautiful chicken dish in a plastic tray with a Singha beer at a steel table on a steel stool, its delicious and fresh and cheap 140 baht all up ($5.60).

The streets are a little quieter tonight, its really evident that the visitors at present are mostly from the Middle East and India, there are women in burka’s everywhere, and women in colourful sari’s and bossy Indian men telling them where to go and sit.

A short note today. See what tomorrow brings and whether TMM is on the mend or if I have to sort out a funeral.

Ciao Pauolo


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