Day 12 – Friday 21st June – Beijing

9 am start today, very civilised, just like my work days.

What do you think about Chinese for breakfast, I’ve sort of grown used to it now, dumplings, fried rice, spicy omelettes, tasty steamed rolls, it will be hard going back to corn flakes and weatbix, washes down with a cup of tea.

We leave the big bags at the hotel, they’ll meet us at the airport later tonight. It’s a hazy day, not too hot, if I was home I’d say rain was on the way.

Some China information;

The main religions of China are

  1. Buddhism – largest by a long way About 90%
  2. Taoism – Michael doesn’t rate Taoism very highly
  3. Christianity
  4. Islam – there are 1m people in a Beijing who say they are Muslim but Michael feels they are mostly more interested in money than Religion

Language ;

Bing Shrr – Cold Water

Bing Piego – Cold Beer

Choolamaa – heave you eaten yet

In 1987 China went to a market economy

In 1949 life expectancy was 49 year in China

In 2019 Life expectancy is 75, so health services have improved considerably, but is still very expensive in China, even though the doctors work for the government.

Retirement Age in China – men 60, women 55

First stop this morning is a traditional Chinese medicine facility in central Beijing, it’s a sales show again but very interesting, we all have a personal diagnosis by a Chinese Dr, with an interpreter, pulse, tongue, eyes checked and questions asked and they tell you pretty closely what problems you have and what should help fix them. Very interesting, then a 10 minute neck massage for 30 Yuen ( $5).

A wander in the expensive shopping / pedestrian mall, with Rolex watches and all the expensive brands. I buy a fridge magnet for 10 Yuen, the suckers don’t get my money.

Then on to the cheap markets, knock off watches, t shirts, electronics stuff. Heaven on a stick for The Navigator, she bargains and buys the afternoon away and fills our bags up with all sorts of stuff.

Then the airport, an hour and a half through the peak hour Beijing traffic, we’re ready for checkin at 7pm. QF 108 leaves at 12.45, after a stressful time getting through checkin, immigration and then to Gate E12 via a train ride all is good except for my feet swelling. I need the Chinese medicine!

Cheers from China for the last time



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