Day 9 – Late Breaking News

Day 9 – Late Breaking News

The Navigator joins me, The Nurse and The Sparky for Peking Duck, I don’t know the restaurants name , nothing is in English, but it’s a very good decision .
The Navigator orders a chicken dish, and the other three are having a duck. Two women on the trip with Chinese heritage coach on how to handle the duck as it comes to you.
The duck arrives, almost a ceremony with the chef cutting it up, back fat first ( crispy, almost translucent) you then eat the rest by putting a thin crepe like sheet on your plate, you get the slices of duck with your chopsticks, dip it into a sugar, then soy put on the crepe, some bamboo shoots and some celery ( I think), wrap it up and eat it with your fingers, it was to die for – Peking Duck in Peking. Genelle’s chicken dish is great as well, she even has some duck. Did I just say that? Genelle in a Chinese restaurant in China, eating Chinese food she would normally turn her nose up at.
A fantastic meal, best on the trip so far. The meal and drinks cost 390 yuan ( $80 or $20/head)
We walk back, then The Navigator decides to hunt some drugs for The Mechanics ulcers. 9.30 pm, we find a funny little pharmacy open, 2 young girls a 60ish man, Google Translate, and she has her drugs and powder to try on the heat rash for 64.5 yuan ( $12).
About 10 pm we pass some people dancing, maybe 20 or 25 on a flat surface off the footpath. The weather is warm, a bit humid, maybe some rain tomorrrow. Ciao from Beijing

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