Day 29 – England to Qatar and onwards towards Australia – Part 1

We leave London on time, it’s still late and while they bring us food we don’t really feel like eating much, even the g&t feels a little late. A couple of movies and then then that restless, fidgeting long haul plane type sleep which isn’t really sleep at all in economy class. I guess a few people can get a good sleep but it could only be because they’ve been in a combat zone or get some help from narcotics.

We land at Doha at 6.25am, this is 4.25am London time so as I’m not the best early in the morning I feel positively crap now.

We wander out into the massive terminal, muffins and tea/ coffee to kill a bit of time and put a bit of food in the belly. Our gate finally comes up, D2 which is a short train ride from where we were, then another security check. Amazingly my new knees don’t set the detector off, but Mark gets the full search because something has come up ” suspect” in his backpack, they send his gear through the x ray machine about 3 times, do the explosives scans a couple of times and finally work out its some crystal that Genelle packed in his bag, by the time he’s given the ok nearly everyone is through the last check and he’s fuming. Nothing like a bit of stress in an Arab country a long way from home.

We due to board shortly and then the long haul to Sydney, landing Sunday morning and then back to Dubbo at lunch time, work for me on Monday, that feels like it’s going to be fun.

It doesn’t seem like a month ago that we left Dubbo, but the start of the trip and landing in Dublin and then the wedding in Northern Ireland seems like such a long time ago now. How does that work?

Cheers from Doha in Qatar, next post won’t happen until we’re back in Dubbo.



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