Day 20 – Part 2 – the journey Brussels to Bruggej

Confusion reigns at Brussels Midi train station, have we got the right station asks the navigator with a concerned look on her face, Mark quietly advises ” we don’t know either but we’re pretty sure it’s right and we’ll find out, so it’s all ok”. Well spoken.

It is right and Google Maps points us to platform 15 for the train to Brugge, it doesn’t say Brugge but it’s one of the stops, it takes some convincing, she consults a local looking at the board, he confirms we are right and the train is 8 minutes late – happy days but the navigator still shows signs of doubt.

In the rush for the train we don’t get a seat and if we did we couldn’t watch our bags so we stay in the section near the doors, which is ok until I nearly take out Genelle when the train jerks. At Ghent the carriage empties and we get a seat for the last 1/2 hour. Brugge is a very modern train station, 10 platforms and we / me manage to find the right exit, the navigator is astonished!

Google Maps gets us to the NH hotel, we get our room sorted and then go for a walk in the drizzle to find our different assignments for tomorrow. The navigator true to form turns left outside the hotel door arguing the lift was left, Mark and I calmly turn right find the lift – no words need to be spoken. We find out where we have to go and then find a funky place called Mr Spaghetti, it’s humming, mostly young people, reasonable prices, good Belgium beer, good service, it’s a spaghetti only place and they handle Genelle when she says Spag bol but hold the spaghetti. We all leave satisfied. A great idea for Dubbo.

Bruges is a World Heritage site, a beautiful old town , regarded as the best preserved medieval town in Europe with a spectacular cathedral. It was featured in the Colin Farrell movie In Bruge, that has I think Michaelangelos only sculpture outside Italy – a Madonna and Child. The shopping area is quiet but I think Genelle could do some damage there, if the Segway doesn’t throw her off. More on that tomorrow.

Cheers for the 2nd time today



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