Day 8 – Saturday – the Irish Wedding

Well it’s 9.45pm in Ireland and my MC duties have finished. Nobody threatened me, nobody punched me, and I think it went off really well. The church was in the country, down little lanes, a real Catholic Irish weddding, nuptial mass, the works. The band is playing, the crowd is drinking, and after a warm humid day it’s drizzling rain outside. A second Jameson’s is easing me into relaxation, but not relaxed enough to dance. There will be some photos and a more detailed blog tomorrow.




One thought on “Day 8 – Saturday – the Irish Wedding

  1. Cheryl says:

    Are yes the Irish do love their potatoes. Gerry has never had a decent one in all his years living in Australia. So much for the many I have cooked him. I got to enjoy a half discussion on potatoes at Christmas lunch.


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