Day 6 – Belfast

At 6am I hear rattling, a light comes on and swearing starts. Genelle thinks our Irish Mobiles have chewed up all our data by updating BUT when I check it out it’s a false alarm, so much angst!!! Sleep doesn’t really return.

Breakfast is an all in job at the hotel, £6 each for a full hot breakfast, pretty good value really. We get Hop On Hop Off bus tickets and head down the street. It’s a great tour around Belfast, covers stuff we saw yesterday but a lot of new stuff and we really get our bearings. There is a lot of development going on, a lot more money being spent than 10 years ago.

We’re back at the hotel, bags packed, checked out, Mark has the keys and is piloting the Peugeot with today’s navigator Genelle. The competition for today is Genelle v Tom Tom GPS, one has logic the other doesn’t, one has emotion the other doesn’t so when Tom wins he really losses. Good luck Mark.

Mark gets us safely out of Belfast, the rain pissing down, we’re heading North on the M2 for Ballycastle

We walk back to the Ibis Hotel, pack up and get the car out of the parking over the road. Marks the driver today and the gps is set and off out of Belfast heading for Ballycastle, Giants Causeway and a few other things before heading back down to Cookstown for our lodgings for the next few days.

The drive north to Ballycastle at the very top of Ireland is pretty quick, Genelle wants to see the countryside rather than the motorway, she finally gets to see it.

We have a look at Carrick-a-Rede, the swinging bridge on the Antrim coast, then around to Giants Causeway and then back through the middle down to Coagh where we are booked into a house for the next few days. It’s a lovely house, gardens run down to the river, 2 storeys, 3bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, well fitted out.

A short walk to the shops and then a Chinese feed in Magrafelt with all the rest of the family here for the wedding. Crappy food really, fancy that a crook Chines in Ireland.

Tomorrow we’re off to Giants Causeway, tonight we rest. I think I have to resurrect yesterday’s blog as it’s gone missing from my draft documents, bit of a bugger that, especially after delaying it because I was pretty tired.

Ciao until tomorrow



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