Day 12 – Berlin – exploring and maybe a few missed opportunities – Thursday 12th October

Berlin. Organised, space, clean, spread out. Not steep hills, lots of lifts, but lots of walking is needed. 

Breakfast in the hotel is pretty good, we top up for the day, tomorrow we’ve opted for the light breakfast. We get away a bit late and the plan is to walk 15 minutes to Tortenstrasse where there is a German Concept shop called “Fundamental” that Genelle has researched, with really different stuff. They also sell a variety of coffee, I try a Galao – a Portuguese brew they call a reverse cappuccino, it’s strong and packed with flavour, and good value for 2.50 Euro. Genelle buys a bit of stuff that nearly gets left in a souvenir place near Checkpoint Charlie later in the day. 

We continue walking down the hill, past the Jewish area and the synagogue in the area where Kristal Nicht (sic) occurred in a period in 30’s when the Nazi’s where starting to get traction. Then further down the hill to the river Spree to the Pergamon Museum.

Gather around readers, news flash, Genelle went to a museum today. Only one, not 2 like I did, but a significant sacrifice I think. The main item is the Ishtar Gates which were the entry to ancient Babylon as well as lots of Islamic art and relics. A great Museum and rated Berlins best, probably.

A quick drink and a muffin in the park near the museums and then I go into the Nues Museum where there are lots of ancient Egyptian and Chinese relics, the main item is the bust of Nefertiti from Egypt.

I think the Chermans knocked off a lot of stuff from the ancient world, maybe not as much as the British but still it’s a lot of stuff that probably belongs elsewhere. 

My feet and knees are struggling, the drugs don’t seem to be working very well and my feet feel like they are on fire. I have 2 enormous blisters under my right big toe and the next one on, I think a sock scrunched up under the a few days ago and rubbed a bit. 

We continue walking and get to Checkpont Charlie where West German Berlin ( England USA and France) met East German Berlin ( Soviet Union) and the only official entry point was through Checkpoint Charlie. It’s now a tourist Mecca, there is hardly any sign of the Berlin Wall left except for postcards with chips ( allegedly) from the Berlin Wall.

We decide to try the U Bahn, the Berlin Underground railway, and we leave Stademitte and head to Potsdamer Plaz, a major shopping centre, the train is packed but we walk up from underground to see a modern glass, still and concrete maze of buildings. We find the Mall of Berlin ( a great play on words)  and C&A for what might be my major purchase, I like their jeans. After a pizza and a caprese salad  I come away with 4 pairs of jeans for just over 100 Euros.

We braves the U Bahn back to Stademitte, change to Friedrichstrase, then to Naturkund station just around the corner from our hotel.

A shower and rest the feet are the only priorities.

Hooroo from Berlin.


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