Day 6 – Cortona – Tuscany – Friday 6th October 2017

Today, in 2011, Genelle and I hopped off a train at Camucia, tried unsuccessfully to find a taxi to get us up the hill to Cortona and finally our host at Le Gelosie B&B, a young mother whose husband was away working in Germany  roared down the hill in her Fiat panel van and picked us up. We loved this place from the first day.

Now to 2017. Breakfast is a bit later today, we all straggled down, and by 9am we’re sipping the cappuchino’s and espresso’s, and English Breakfast tea and eating Paola’s delicious scrambled eggs. Andrew walked the streets early this morning, and successfully returned home, a feat worth noting as the alley ways are all narrow and it’s easy to lose perspective. He’s had a good start to the day it seems.

Today is a Cortona chill day. Jane, Andrew, John, Sonya and Alison are walking to Bremasole – the Under Tuscan Sun house, the real one not the movie one which probably is on a movie set somewhere. Genelle does a little washing  and then goes exploring, Dave and I head to Piazza Senorelli and find a cafe for a coffee, a reading and writing spot, and an observation point. Lots of people walk in and out of the cafe, tourists and locals, the passing traffic is a mix as well as the delivery people dropping off supplies to the shops. A very relaxing morning, for Dave and I but the 2 espresso’s mean my hearts beating a little quicker and the pupils are pretty well dilated. Reminder to self – slow down on the coffee or you’ll up looking like an ADHD adult.

Genelle and I buy a panini from Molesini deli, ham, tomato and mozzarella, a sit somewhere and chill lunch is the idea. She chills out on the outer town wall somewhere and I chill on the steps on the Communale in Piazza Del a Republica, the panini is very tasty, 3.50 Euros it cost, good value.

Wandering the streets and alley ways is relaxing, fantastic photos around every corner. I take a few of number 11 door ways for Al but I later find they are meant to be straight on so I think I’ll have a few fails because of that.

There seems to be a lot of American accents in the streets today, not sure if it’s them or me that has the issue, I’ll go with me.
After wandering the streets, I stand and take a photo across the Piazza Del a Republica, to the steps of the Communale, nice in black and white, and as I walk across I hear a familiar voice, Sonya was sitting on the steps by herself, had not been able to get back inside Dolce Maria, John was asleep in the room with the key. I wonder if detente has been broken and the pencil pines are still an issue. I decide not to press this with either of them, as now the issue of the Versace plates has arisen and a certain bet has been lost, apparently not in Il Commando’s favour. Just sayin what I’ve heard, not sure of the truth really but it’s sounds like it’s interesting times ahead.

Sonya sitting on the steps while Cortona goes on around her.

Drinks are around the corner at Cafe La Posta tonight, late decision and might throw a few out, but change is good occasionally, if only to remind you that what you had before was quite ok.

Dinner is at La Grotto, on Via National, Dave and Alison’s choice, and a very homely restaurant, lots of people and quite an atmosphere. Apparently the minestrone soup is the main reason we’re here. Our waiter is a little challenged with English but looks and sounds confident, a mature man and quite likely our host. Service probably could have been a little better. Drinks and food arrive pretty quickly, a little out of order but it’s fine and perhaps it’s our fault anyway. The minestrone eaters are really happy, and the other meals were ok. Another pretty good eating option.

Outside the wind is blowing, the weather is cold and I reckon we’re going to get more of the same over the weekend. We pay our bill as the outside umbrellas thrash around angrily, a sign Mother Nature has a bit of a temper tonight. Bed  is a bit earlier tonight, and once again not much Whitby reparte.

Caio for another day



2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Cortona – Tuscany – Friday 6th October 2017

  1. reidnell18 says:

    Thanks Paul, hope you wake up to a “lovely sunny day” Phemie’s favourite Peppa Pig quote . Thanks for the photos, they are beautiful J xx


    • Can’t go wrong with Peppa Pig can we! And so it came true, another beautiful day in Tuscany, sunny, about 20 deg C, travelling around the villages and to Montepulciano today, a meal that was fantastico earlier


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