Day 14 – Berlin –  Sachsenhausen Concentraion Camp – Chapter 1 – Saturday 14th October 2017

I don’t want to bore you with my personal problems, but, this blog is about travel and one of the issues that comes up sometimes when you’re travelling is belly problems. Now I have to say that I’m pretty good. In that area and eat pretty much anything but this time the pain killers have interfered a bit so I needed unblockers, now I reckon I’ve over cooked that and my gut has gone the other way, so today I go for the stoppers. At least it should be an authentic experience at the Saschenhausen Concentration Camp today, only difference is I’ll be getting home.

It’s been a long day and I think I’ll hold it over and finish writing today’s blog on the train to Prague tomorrow afternoon. The reason – Sachsenhausen was more than I thought, I think Genelle ended up a bit bored but I believe that I now have a much greater understanding of what an evil and insidious thing the Nazi regime was, orchestrated killing of anybody who might interfere with their view of the future of the human race – not just Jews but Gypsies, homosexual people, socialists and communists, left footed calathumpians, people disbled physically and mentally and the list could go on. We had an excellent guide, his name I’ll remember when I write again tomorrow. The group of about 15 included Australians and Canadians, and we caught up with a nice couple from Adelaide later in the day back at Hackersha Markt for a drink after a Genelle had finished a little recouprative shopping in the market.

Ciao for now


Sachsenhausen Memorial erected by the Soviets – the camp was used as a prison by the Soviets after WWII

The wall of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp with a machine gun sentry post – erected about 1935


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